This is my first blog, so please - take it easy on me!

I wanted to start a blog for many reasons, I’ve always had a love for writing and genuinely really enjoyed English at school. My Instagram captions are always way too long… I started freelance modelling and thought this would be a great way to document and share my experiences - with photographers, brands and products I get to try along the way. I have a love for sustainable fashion and eco // planet friendly products. I am a lover of the sea and full time mermaid… you can find me catching some waves in my spare time - a hobby I have been immersed in since meeting my partner, Gavin. Skateboarding and snowboarding are also hobbies of mine - I just love a board sport. I am obsessed with interior design and am constantly searching for retro bargains for our fisherman’s cottage in Cornwall. Recently I have taken up fitness, yoga and vegetarianism! Other than that I’m just pretty obsessed with my French bulldog Hebe… So listen guys, if any of these topics might interest you or you think we may get along then please stay tuned and join my on my blogging journey!

One love legends 🌞