Hey lovelies! This week I have been trying out the lovely products from The Coconut Bee...


The Coconut bee are a Cornish independent skin care & hair care brand with a love for the sea and the surf. They have a passion for organic, chemical free products and all ingredients are fully sustainably sourced, which I think is great! What is even more amazing are the incredible aromas coming from these products! They are just sooo fresh. 

Teehee! So yeh, I’ve been using these products since the end of last week so that’s five days now. My skin feels super soft and my brittle hair ends have massively improved! Which is definitely what I’m most pleased about. 

  • So... With the hair oil I am applying two pumps to towel dried hair and one pump to totally dry hair. I rub the oil into my palms and apply mostly to the ends, I find it can make my roots a little greasy if I add too much of the product so close to my scalp. Please also bare in mind that my hair is incredibly thick! So, if your hair is of a thinner variety I wouldn’t add so much... But that also means your product will last a lot longer - happy days. 
  • Lip balm... pretty self explanatory! Just make sure you are re-applying throughout the day to keep your smackers really moisturised. I struggle a lot with my lips this time of year, they are always super cracked which doesn’t look very healthy at all! So I am constantly applying this balm, it’s also fab for wind protection (where my lips suffer the most). I always apply before and after a surf.  
  • The avocado and shea body butter is to die for! It’s so rich and so thick it kinda feels like applying pudding to your skin! Dry skin, my knees always seem to dry up some how? Not sure if that’s just me?... but this product is perfect for any dry skin as it’s super nourishing and extremely gentle. The whole range smells absolutely amazing too, very fresh and natural, perfect for a morning skin & hair care routine. 

I would massively urge anyone to support a local independent and give these beautiful products a whirl, you will not be disappointed! Massively proud to be supporting the Coconut Bee! Use code MATILDA10 at the checkout for some lovely discount!