Boodyful fitness

So like every other millennial I decided this new year I would really make an effort to work on my fitness. I love a challenge and for me, fitness is definitely that. I wouldn’t say I’m massively unfit, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy going for a surf or getting out for a mammoth doggy stomp with Hebe. My fitness journey is going to be about refinement, toning and cardio.  

I think the best way to get you up and exercising  is incorporating what you love doing (as long as this isn’t eating lots of cake!) it massively helps with motivation. So for me, I love getting outside - being in and around the sea or just on the beach.

Since I started surfing a couple of summers ago I have always been encouraged to practice yoga, the stretching, core strength and posture that is incorporated in yoga are hugely beneficial for surfers! I have been practicing yoga on and off for the last two years and I do absolutely love it - I love the mindfulness that comes with practise along with the strength I have gained. I would massively encourage anyone to give yoga a try! 

So I have been getting down to the beach and enjoying some of my fitness outside, which is so invigorating, for the mind and the body. 


As I have been trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle I thought this was important when choosing which activewear to support in my journey. I spent some time researching different brands which is when I found Boody wear, an ethical and sustainable clothing brand specialising in bamboo material. They use the bamboo to create their material as bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and is massively sustainable, not only this but the fibers create amazingly soft and stretchy material which is perfect for my current fitness regime, which incorporates a lot of yoga stretches and poses.

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